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16th & 17th November 2017

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In line with National Dementia Strategies, the DSDC has developed its successful Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme to help organisations in all sectors achieve national and regional care standards. The programme is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing and recognised by Skills for Care. The Housing edition has been validated as supporting the housing profession by the Chartered Institute of Housing.

Programme Structure

The Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme is a learning resource for all frontline health and social care staff which was first developed by the DSDC in 2007. The learning programme has enabled learners across the UK and internationally to develop their existing skills, gain new knowledge and improve their care of people with dementia. It is designed to empower learners, increasing both levels of confidence and their perception of their value within the care setting.

Learning is supported by facilitators in their own practice setting. The role of the facilitator is to mentor learners as they study whilst helping them to meet their personal learning objectives. This involves encouraging them to reflect on their previous experiences and practices, thereby supporting them to link new knowledge to real-world experiences. 

Facilitators guide a group of learners through the programme. Learning materials for the facilitator and learners are written in a self-study format designed to be meaningful for staff in a range of care settings: Acute Hospital, Emergency Care and Care Home (study period four months) and Domiciliary Care and Housing Support (study period six months). One workbook is completed each month.

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Becoming a Facilitator

Senior members of staff, who are nominated by their organisation to become facilitators, undertake the stand-alone CPD module Facilitating the Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme.

This is a University accredited module with 20 SCQF credits at level 8.

Students will attend a two day face to face learning workshop delivered by the DSDC teaching staff. They will then facilitate the Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme using skills gained during the initial two days. They will receive support on request from DSDC teaching staff. 

The next scheduled dates for module DEMU9D2, Facilitating the Best Practice in Dementia Care Learning Programme can be found  below.

Date Venue

16th & 17th November


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Some organisations may wish to nominate a number of facilitators at one time. If this would be of interest to you we can deliver at a venue of your choice. Please contact us for more information.

Funding opportunities

Limited funding may be available to cover costs. For more information please contact us.