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Posted by Henriette Laidlaw, on 25th April
Delivering first class customer service is SSE’s number one priority, especially when it comes to taking care of the vulnerable. It is vital that customer service agents are given all the specialist...
by Wendy Perry
Many of us have heard and embraced the research around the preventative benefits of drinking red wine (Poli et al 2013) and champagne (Corona et al...
by DSDC Team
NHS England has announced a £1.75m investment in a family-based initiative to help more people to be cared for in a home, not a hospital. The...
by DSDC Team
The University of Stirling is supporting the development of an innovative activity toolkit to encourage creative activities among people living with...
by Henriette Laidlaw
The paper has been prepared following extensive discussion and feedback from the series of Dementia Dialogue events held across Scotland between...
by Wendy Perry
All of us at times do meaningless activities.  We flip through channels on the TV or play silly games on our mobile phones.  Sometimes...
by Henriette Laidlaw
Appearance is not only about how we look but also about how we feel and how comfortable we are. The Hair and Care Project,  research conducted...

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The Dementia Design School will cover a range of design issues including effective commissioning...

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